Monday Wash Day

Well it’s Monday Wash Day, and since I’ve got most of the week off of work I’ve decided to blitz the house. Turns out I’m still in my sheep pyjamas, sprawled out on the sofa using the new laptop I had for Christmas. It’s all going so well.

Well I’m off to copper shampoo my hair n then stick my rollers in & headscarf on, perhaps getting into costume might motivate me……….. doubtful hehe.

My Kinda Wash Day!

I love this Photo

Following YOUR Dreams.


What is success?

What is a good life?

What is your dream?

These questions don’t have one answer.

Nor is there really a right or wrong answer.

We as people define success in different ways. We decide what we think a good life is. And we all have different dreams.

It’s hard when someone wants to live their life a way that we think isn’t whats best for them. But in my opinion, and I believe the fact is, that it isn’t our job to try and decide how other people should live their lives.

I know when people try to give their opinion, most of the time, they do so with good intention. In general we want whats best for people. We express our opinions because we care about people. We want them to succeed, we want them to have a good life, and we want them to live…

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Grease is the Word…

I love the 1950’s, I love the British Culture in the 50’s and I love American Culture in the 1950’s. My adoration for this era began shortly after my 8th birthday, when my mother gave me Grease: The Musical to watch, I was hooked.

The skirts, the hair, the make up, the singing, the dancing, the teddy boys, I loved it all! And of course the theme of my 9th birthday was Grease. 

I still enjoy that picture, and the 50’s inspires my own style now as an adult (I use the term loosely) through hair, and clothing. 

In fact, there’s probably nothing I’d love more than to be a Beauty School Drop Out. 



So I heard…

…that your first blog post is meant to be a ‘Hello World’.

Blog etiquette, I got my shit down.

I love vintage stuff, and am really quite fascinated by the 50’s and the lifestyle so my blog will probably follow that theme 🙂

And hopefully all future posts will be much more exciting than this.